Programming Course | TypeScript – 15 Class Online


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What you will learn
– Good TypeScript basics
– Integrating TypeScript with NodeJS
– Integrate TypeScript with ReactJS
– Reducing common programming errors

If you are a JavaScript developer and want to improve your skills to get a better job, you have to have TypeScript on your resume. It’s right up your alley and that’s what this course is all about!
TypeScript is one of the most popular languages today, because it is used to build large and robust applications. For this very reason, companies all over the world are looking for developers who know TypeScript.
In less than 6 hours we will see everything you need to know about TypeScript, enough to become a master quickly, with small capsule videos and easy to follow examples. Look no further, this is the ultimate TypeScript course.

Among the things we will see in this course:

-Basic Types
-Advanced Types
-Object Oriented Programming
-Integration with JavaScript
-NodeJS Integration
-ReactJS Integration
At the end of the course we will build two applications so that we can see how TypeScript integrates into today’s world, and be successful in what we build.
This course is designed for JavaScript developers, you don’t need to be an expert in JavaScript, but you should know some things like what are and how to use: Variables, constants, functions, objects, destructuring, among other things of the language.

This course includes:
– 5.5 hours of video on demand
– Access on mobile devices and TV
– Lifetime access
– Certificate of Completion


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