Programming Course | ReactJS – 10 Class Online


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What you will learn
-React JS
-React Router

-React CDN

-Create-React App


Welcome to this React From Scratch course.

Throughout this course you will find many interesting topics not only to become a React expert, but also a Front-end expert able to create all the graphical part of a web application, develop dynamic loading screens, integrate your applications with back-end services, authentications and session maintenance, among many complementary React technologies.

The general agenda of everything you will learn in this course is

-React Templates
-PWA – Progressive Web App
-Advanced React Hooks
-Functional Components
-Context API
-Advanced React Router
-Common and OAuth User Authentication
-Lazy Loading
-Lazy Routing
-Lazy Components

And finally, many additional and complementary technologies to React technology.

This course is designed to help you not only to become a React developer, but to become a complete Front-end Developer with the ability not only to develop complex or large web applications, but also to be able to implement whatever is necessary, whether third-party libraries, css frameworks, preprocessing technologies such as SASS and to know that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel and get the most out of React.

Undoubtedly this course is designed to make you an expert in the field, giving you the ability to develop complex systems or open the doors to you can easily develop in technologies that are born of react such as NextJS, Gatsby, React Native or technologies that give you the ability to integrate React, such as MeteorJS or Ionic.

Concluding with this, I welcome you to this React course from zero, so you can take the next step in your career, emphasizing that the general idea of the course is to teach you React in depth but at the same time, to generate valuable knowledge in the subject, making projects from very simple things, to more complicated issues always learning more and more reaching the point where the course becomes completely practical after talking at the beginning of very theoretical issues, welcome to the course and good luck.

This course includes:
-37.5 hours of video on demand
-18 articles
-17 downloadable resources
-Access on mobile devices and TV
-Lifetime access
-Certificate of Completion


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