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What you will learn
– Learn Next-js from scratch
– Different rendering techniques: SSR, SSG, CSR, ISR
– Next Middlewares for APIs and Pages
– Dynamic and static routes

Next.js: The React framework for production (Next.js Version 12+).
Next.js gives you an excellent development experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static and server-side rendering, TypeScript support, smart grouping, path preloading, and more.
This course is focused for people with basic React knowledge who want to learn Next.js thoroughly and go beyond.

Here are some of the topics we will look at here:

-Next.js from scratch
-TypeScript + React + Next.js
-Migrating Next.js projects from JavaScript to TypeScript
-Different rendering strategies
-SSR: Server Side Rendering
-SSG: Static Site Generation
-CSR: Client Side Rendering
-ISR: Incremental Static Regeneration
-Dynamic routes and segments
-Next.js restful API
-Custom Authentication
-Cross-platform deployments
-Optimized docker image generation
-Custom authentication with JWT
-Authentication providers
-Drag&Drop in React
-Material UI and Next UI
-Automatic re-deployments
-PayPal and Credit Card payments
-Responsive design
-Article sales site with:
-ISR + SSR + SSG + SSG + CSR as needed to optimize response times
-User management
-Administrative Dashboard
-Image upload
-Payment validation
-React Hook Form

Next.js middlewares (New in Next.js 12)
-For authentication
-Route protection
-For both APIs and page requests
-And much more

This course aims to teach you Next.js in a complete way with many assignments and exercises. The course is in 95% TypeScript, but has its own references to reinforce this part which is optional, the course can be done in JavaScript but I recommend that you give TypeScript a try.

Several exercises are created within this course:
Introduction to Next: Small exercise for the handling of Next,js generalities.
PokemonApp: Small application for ISR and SSG handling
OpenJira: Intermediate application for task and SSR handling
CookieMaster: Small application to learn about Cookie management
TesloShop: Complete and quite large application for managing and selling products.
At the end of the course you will not only learn Next.js, but you will also have developed an electronic store with billing, maintenance, loading, SEO optimizations, deploy it and have it in your project portfolio.
It is a huge course totally focused on Next.js to better prepare you as a React developer.

This course includes:
-46 hours of video on demand
-48 articles
-2 downloadable resources
-Access on mobile devices and TV
-Lifetime access
-Certificate of completion



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