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What you will learn
– Have a solid foundation for working with Angular
-Master TypeScript to create Angular applications
-Apply the new concepts of ECMAScript 6 in our Angular projects
-Create Angular applications following best practices
-Create basic applications in Ionic and use them on your mobile (no developer accounts required)
-Master the directives, pipes, components, services and structure of an Angular application

Angular is a front-end framework powered by Google. Created to develop web applications, mobile applications or perform server-side processes using NodeJS.

This course focuses on taking you by the hand from zero to be able to create applications of all kinds, ranging from single page application (SPA) to connect to a database to perform insertion, update, deletion and selection of information process. This course contains everything you need to create applications with this powerful and fast framework.
Each section of the course ends in a complete application that serves to learn and master a specific topic, and as we progress through the course, we will be creating more complex applications and without realizing it we will be creating directives, components, pipes, services and routes without realizing it.
But this course will not only teach you Angular, you will also learn about:
– Firebase
– Firebase RESTful services
– Firebase Cloud Functions
– TypeScript
– ECMAScript 6
– Reactive-Extensions
– Sockets
– Ionic 5
– Atom packages / Visual Studio Code Extensions
– Angular CLI
– AngularFire
– Local Storage
– Bootstrap 4
– Spotify API
– Youtube API
– Among other technologies…
We will learn this powerful and very fast framework, with proper code introductions, problem solving logic using best practices and the official Angular style guide.
We will have some introductory theory but 95% of the course is practical and focuses on creating several small-medium scalable applications, which will make you an Angular expert.
Among the applications we will do in this course are:
– Music application using the Spotify API.
– Static application serving HTML pages – SPA
– Movie application
– Auth0 – Application with protected pages using Facebook, Google, Linkedin login or custom data.
– Google Maps application
– Wishlist application – Ionic
– CRUD application using FireBase RESTful services
– Chat using Sockets, Firebase and AngularFire2
– YouTube video application
– Applications illustrating the behavior of various Angular components and directives
– Graphics
-Uploading files to Firebase
Additionally there is a complete section for learning ES6 (ECMAScript 6) and TypeScript, which will teach you everything you need to be able to program using the Angular Framework with TypeScript
During the course, we will have practical and theoretical tasks that will ensure your understanding of Angular, additionally each section is designed to be done in a short time and will make you build a small application based on short videos of less than 10 minutes (98% of them).
Each section teaches a separate topic, so you can take breaks and know that you will start again in each section.
There is no additional cost during the course, all the tools used here are open source, free or services that we can consume without any problem.
If you know Angular or not, this is a course that you must take, I have worked hard to make this course that will be very helpful, even if you just want the additional knowledge that each module offers.
Come on and sign up, I’ll see you inside.

This course includes:
-35.5 hours of video on demand
-60 articles
-39 downloadable resources
-Access on mobile devices and TV
-Lifetime access
-Certificate of completion


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